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Solar panels

Solar Energy: Techfor Energy Fail to Honour Warranty

During 2011 we had a solar energy generating system installed at our house by a company called Techfor Energy Ltd who are located near Guildford. The system came with a 10 year guarantee on the system as a whole. We were quite happy with the installation which was accomplished quickly, with very little disruption and on time. We were quite happy to reccomend the company to others who showed interest.

At the beginning of January 2017 it became apparent that one of the inverters (the units that convert DC power from the solar panel to AC to feed into the electric distribution system or “grid”) had failed or become disconnected in some way. It was generating no power although the rest of the system was working well. No problem, I thought, we will call the company and they would fix the problem under warranty.

Some hopes!

After a relatively short and somewhat fraught conversation it became apparent that Techfor Energy Ltd. had no intention at all of honouring the warranty that they had provided. The excuse that they gave was that the manufacturer of the inverters, Enecsys, had gone out of business some time ago and that these unit were no longer available.

Following the telephone conversation I exchanged emails with the company over the next few days but there was no change in their position. They refused to contemplate any repair neither did they make any suggestions as to other ways of solving the problem. This despite the fact that I found a source of inverters and informed them that they were in fact available quite easily albeit from the USA. These units carried a 3 year warranty which, although not as long as the original manufacturers warranty, is reasonable given the circumstances.

Consumer Rights

After the email exchange failed to get any result, I contacted a lawyer to give an opinion on the matter. The lawyer read the warranty document and reported that he thought that we had a watertight case if we persued the warranty claim. I instructed him to write to Techfor Energy and make a claim under “The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002 and in particular regulation 15” as he advised. We requested a response with 2 weeks.

After a longer than 2 week delay Techfor Energy replied stating that they needed more time to consult with their legal team and insurers. They promised a response within “5 to 10 days”. It is now some 24 days since this email, no response has been received. I have therefore decided to get quotations from other contractors for the repair and will update this post when they are received.