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Fasthosts Domain Registrars – a Warning

I have an account with Fasthosts, one of the largest hosting providers in the UK, they also provide domain registration services for most of the common domain types, .com, and the like. They used to be called UKREG and you can seeĀ  traces of this name on their web sites. I have over 80 domains on my account (including this one) and have been happy with the service that I have received for many years. Until now.

On the 29th September 2010 I received an email warning that a domain that I have on the Fasthosts account had not renewed automatically. This despite at least 3 previous automatic renewals having taken place without problems. When I went to the new, so called improved, control panel at Fasthosts I discovered that the telephone contact information had been lost somehow despite having been there for about 6 years previously.

During August, on or around the 17th as far as I can make out, Fasthosts switched over to a new shiny all singing all dancing control panel. During this change they imported their database from the “old” system to the new one. in doing so it seems they lost a large amount of information, particularly telephone numbers, company numbers and the like as well as corrupting the registrant’s name(s) in many cases.

Upon checking several other entries on the new system, I discovered that many of the entries had invalid or missing information including Company and telephone numbers being lost, registrants names being corrupted in the control panel display.

I decided to check the Nominet “Whois” service and found that many registrations were also corrupt there as well. To make matters worse, many Company registrants had been granted privacy somehow when this is strictly against Nominet’s terms.

I have raised the matter with Fasthosts support several times since. To say the least they have been unhelpful and in my opinion are just shrugging the responsibility off to the client.

I would seriously suggest that anyone who has a domain name registered through Fasthosts or any of their resellers should check the registration now, before it is too late and their domain does not renew.