Our New Solar PV System

Here we will follow the installation of our new Solar PV System. With the recent proposed reduction in the feed in tariff (FIT), it will be even more important that any solar pv installation is economical in both purchase, performance and maintenance. We will look at the equipment supplied, the installation team and the customer service. When it is installed we will track the performance and how well the entire process works.

What we intend to do:

  • look at and review the quotations obtained from suppliers
  • go through the important points to watch so as to weed out the cowboys
  • compare prices, performances and returns predicted
  • point out the pitfalls in accepting figures without checking them
  • go through the parts of the exercise that the client (you) need to perform including filling out the FIT application.
  • Follow the ordering process and how well the supplier communicates.
  • Follow the installation and commissioning of the panels, inverter(s) and metering.
  • Monitor the on-going performance.

All types of system are included grid connected, stand alone and others.